Tai Chi New York

Tai Chi Weapons

At Nabi Su, the weapon is taught as an extension of self.

Our practice begins within, in our own center. Our posture, breathing and ways of moving, including and especially our stances, assure that we remain grounded and centered while circumstances change.

One of those circumstances may be what we are holding in our hands. Each object has its own shape, function and spirit. A cylindrical weapon functions differently than a bladed weapon. A double-edged sword functions quite differently than a single-edged saber.

Group Tai Chi Class

For those who are studying Tai Chi, weapons begin with the saber, followed by the double-edged sword, then the fan. Spear forms from Hung Gar and Cho Li Fut, Butterfly Knives, Lightning Saber and the two-person Saber/Spear form are taught to advanced practitioners.

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