Tai Chi New York

Corporate Tai Chi Classes

Corporate Tai Chi classes can be conveniently arranged at your office. You can choose a single introductory class or a series of ten classes. Or you can customize a class or series of classes for your particular needs.

Our introductory classes focus on stress reduction and simple relaxation techniques that can be easily practiced in an office environment.

In our 10 class Tai Chi series, you will learn a short version of the Tai Chi form that is relaxing, refreshing and fun.

In all corporate Tai Chi classes, you will learn Tai Chi and Chi Kung exercises and stretches that, once learned, can be easily done in an office setting and in office attire. All of our Tai Chi classes are designed to teach you exercises that will benefit you and your employees throughout the year.

You may begin today by contacting Master Campora to discuss your goals and start creating your corporate Tai Chi program or session.

Additionally, you may request Carolyn Campora as a speaker or to appear on your panel discussions regarding Corporate Wellness. She welcomes inquiries and will be happy to speak with you about sharing her unique message.