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Tai Chi is a gentle exercise that improves body, mind and spirit. It is a whole-person exercise developed in China. Borrowing moves from the fighting art of Kung Fu, Tai Chi slowed the pace and softened this ancient system, emphasizing health and spiritual benefits over martial applications. Graceful and dance-like, this gentle, meditative exercise develops the body through posture and breathing. What exactly are the benefits of Tai Chi? A New York Times article answered that question as follows: "In various recent studies and reviews, tai chi has been found to improve practitioners' balance, leg strength, cardiovascular endurance, pulse rate, muscular flexibility, immune system response, sleep habits, happiness, sense of self-worth, and ability to concentrate and multitask during cognitive tests."* Sounds good? Try it for yourself!

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Why Tai Chi?

In an article in the New York Times, entitled "A Downside to Tai Chi? None That I See," Jane Brody writes: "After reviewing existing scientific evidence for its potential health benefits, I've concluded that the proper question to ask yourself may not be why you should practice tai chi, but why not."**

Tai Chi is a gentle exercise that improves balance, helps prevent falls,*** helps reduce blood pressure, increases immunity, reduces depression in the elderly, helps improve movement control and balance for people with Parkinson's disease, and may help reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia and arthritis. According to an article in the January 2013 Mayo Clinic Health Letter, a recent study found that Tai Chi also promotes muscle strength and vascular health.**** To read more about Tai Chi's many health benefits click here.

"I just had an experience, it was very calming, it's incredible!" These were host Jeff Halevy's remarks after following the opening Tai Chi move with Master Campora on his cable TV show "Workout From Within."***** Watch it now!

Tai Chi or Yoga?

First, there is no conflict if you want to practice both Yoga and Tai Chi. Both are ancient practices and help many people. There are some significant differences.

Yoga is well-known and widely available today in the US. Many practice Yoga for health, balance, strength, calm and longevity. There are various styles of Yoga.

Tai Chi is well-known and widely available today in China. Many practice Tai Chi for health, balance, strength, calm and longevity. There are various styles of Tai Chi.

Why would a person in the US choose to practice Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is beautiful, flowing and easy. Movement is slow and continuous. There are no complex twists or bends. No posture is held for more than a second. All movements are done standing, not sitting or lying on the floor or on mats.

No special clothing is required. If it is comfortable enough to walk down the street in, it is comfortable enough to do Tai Chi in.

Virtually anyone can do Tai Chi, even those who may have some physical limitations. In fact, recent studies have proven benefits for conditions as varied as depression and Parkinson's.

Tai Chi is pure pleasure. You will enjoy the gentle, graceful motion. You will appreciate how immediately and confidently you are able to change your mood for the better in a few moments of dance-like movement.

What We Offer You

So that you can feel the benefits of Tai Chi for yourself, we offer you a FREE Tai Chi class.

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Master Carolyn Campora has been practicing Tai Chi for nearly 40 years. She will personally guide you through every step of this gentle exercise as you begin your free Tai Chi class. In all of your Nabi Su New York Tai Chi classes you will receive expert instruction, allowing you to experience deep relaxation as you become centered and balanced. You will be taught so that you will start reaping the benefits of Tai Chi from your very first class.

Nabi Su Tai Chi classes teach Yang Style Long Form, Double-edged Sword, Saber, Two-Person Form and Pushing Hands.

Classes are conveniently located in Manhattan, at the borders of Soho and Tribeca, a short distance from Wall Street, Chinatown, Little Italy, and Greenwich Village in NYC.

Seriously, Tai Chi with plants? One-minute of fun!

Who are Nabi Su Tai Chi Students?

Nabi Su students are group of Tai Chi practitioners who love what we do. We all started as beginners! Our group includes people of all ages, from many professions, including painters, musicians, writers, and educators, who come to our studio to have a centering, calming, and relaxing exercise practice.

Visit our Nabi Su Community page and our Nabi Su Facebook page to find out more. You will be welcomed!

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